Grassguard bioverse Driveway Southampton Hampshire 360x301

Grassguard Permeable Paving

The Grassguard grid permeable paving system is the perfect way to keep your grass and use it for parking at the same time. Marshalls permeable paving grid is used for domestic and commercial areas instead of block paving. Grassguard is a permeable grid that allows grass to grow through the blocks whilst reinforcing the load capacity.

Scottbeck Paving and Landscapes Ltd offer supply and installation services throughout Southampton and local Hampshire.



Bioverse Permeable Grid Driveway Paving

The Bioverse System can easily be constructed using Bioverse modules, Bioverse Grass Seed and a Bioverse Sub-base. Once established the Bioverse System will take carbon from the atmosphere. This has a positive impact on the environment by becoming carbon neutral over the life of the product.


Bioverse Interlocking Modules

Interlocking Bioverse modules allow water to travel between the blocks whilst ensuring structural stability. Each pack of Bioverse modules contains an equal quantity of two different pebble designs, allowing a wide variety of laying possibilities and helping create a unique look. For pathways and areas which are not trafficked, aggregates can be used when grass is not appropriate to fill Bioverse units. However, the area will not absorb carbon. Versatile Bioverse modules look great in a variety of applications from driveways and additional car parking areas and pathways, to soakaway areas and features.