Marshalls Tegula Block Paving

Tegula Block Paving

When a natural stone driveway or path is required, Marshalls Tegula block paving provides the perfect solution. Tegula paving is available in 4 different stone colours, Traditional, Harvest, Pennant Grey and Hazelnut. These can be laid as individual colours or as a mix taking advantage of the 5 different block sizes in Tegula block paving range. Various bond patterns are available, the preferred paving layouts are random course, stretcher course and Herringbone. See block paving patterns for more details.

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Paving Features - Tegula Octant & Circles

Wonderful features can be created using Octant and circle packs.
Tegula feature paving is fully integrative with Tegula block paving or can be used separately.


Tegula Block Paving sizes & installation

Tegula blocks come in 5 different sizes.
Large/Jumper: 360 x 240 x 50. Medium 240: 240 x 240 x 50.
Large 160/Small 240: 240 x 160 x 50. Medium 160: 160 x 160 x 50
Small 160: 120 x 160 x 50.
These blocks can be used in a combination of sizes and colours.
Their installation is the same process as our Driveline 50 range.