Sealing Block Paving

Why Extra Protection for Block Paving & Patios?

It is without exception that our products are amongst the finest in the world. Unfotunately your driveaway, path or patio is suppceptable to all the UK weather throws at it. Our paving products are guaranteed to last years but we are unable to control the gradual build up dirt, moss, oil and bird droppings that accumilate.

Maintenance made easy! Paving & Patio Sealing

Scott Beck's block paving and patio sealing service is the perfect solution to keep your paving, pathway or patio looking as good as the first day it was laid.

We use the ultimate heavy duty sealants, specifically formulated to protect and enhance all types of paving styles and colours.

The sealant penetrates into the paving surface creating a protective seal stopping unwanted dirt and organic matter attaching itself to the service. It acts in a similar way to furniture polish creating a barrier that is so easy to clean and enahnces natural colours.

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Please don't hesitate to call us for friendly free advice. We use various products and techniques that can make your driveway, path or patio look like new!