Block Paving Patterns

Paving Patterns

Block Paving can be laid in several different formats. When choosing block paving patterns, consideration should be given to load bearing areas such as driveways or parking areas. These applications require block paving to be laid in a inter-locking pattern for maximum strength and wear.

Block Paving Designs

This is where the fun starts! Block paving designs are unlimited. Each type of block paving stone or brick is available in a range of complementary colours and textures, by rotating the block in a different direction it can appear a different shade of colour. With the addition of octants or circles, paving features can be created. This can be complimented with the use of kerbs and edgings to create beautiful block paving designs & patterns.

Herringbone Paving Patterns

Herringbone paving patterns are constructed from 2:1 blocks, eg: Marshalls Driveline 50. This means the bricks are twice as long as they are wide. Interlocked and laid as 90° herringbone or 45° herringbone the layout can be enhanced with subtle colour changes in blocks and or the use of pattern features such as circular or octant paving. 45° extended herringbone is generally used on larger areas to enhance the block paving patterns aesthetics.

45_degree_herringbone_block_paving_pattern 90_degree_herringbone_block_paving_pattern 45_degree_extended_herringbone_paving_ pattern 90_degree_extended_herringbone_paving_pattern

Stretcher Bond & Basket Weave Paving Patterns

Stretcher bond and basket weave paving patterns are used for pathways or patio areas with light foot traffic. These block paving patterns can be combined with octant and circle features to create beautiful designs.

stretcher_bond_block_paving_pattern basket_weave_block_paving_pattern

Random Stretcher Bond

Random stretcher bond is a block paving pattern utilising several different size bricks. This pattern is widely used with Marshalls Tegula and Marshalls Argent paving.